Stop Thinking What Will Happen, Start Thinking What Wont Happen

An excellent post regarding habits and the need for change, when change is necessary, click:

Road to Happiness

You know, too often we think to ourselves: “What will happen if I do this?”

1. What Will Happen If I Stop Being Lazy?

That one’s easy. You’ll start maturing, becoming responsible, working on your dreams, you’ll maybe even save a relationship with the girl you love, etc.

We’re never really sure but in my opinion those are pretty good possibilities.

Now let’s try the opposite.

1. What Won’t Happen If I Continue Being Lazy?

This one’s easier. You won’t start maturing, you won’t start becoming responsible, you’ll never start working on your dreams and you sure as hell won’t save your relationship.

Wait a minute…

We went from a high possibility that four things will happen to the certainty that those same four things will never happen.

Okay, that seems like a strange coincidence so let’s do another example.

2. What Will Happen If I Go To The Gym…

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