The pain of regret is among the most painful emotions. I can’t help but express it on many occasions, whether it stems from personal guilt, a missed opportunity, or a broken relationship. In this article, I will share my personal experiences regarding regret, and how you may overcome its pains.

Over a period of six months, I had really done myself in… it was in the middle of winter when one of my relationships began to fall into pieces. We would argue, fight, and most importantly, we weren’t there for each other, especially me. I would go on to slander her, and even tried to get her into trouble.

Well… what can i say? I simply wasn’t thinking. In a moment of anger and pain, i decided to hurt the person that has taught me more than anyone else. I continued to make foolish decisions until I was walked away from. I deserve it, and she didn’t deserve that nonsense.

Well… why would i even think to do that? I just felt sick and tired of being third wheeled, pushed away, shouted at, and was simply sick of certain behaviors. My breaking point was near, and it wasn’t long before I snapped.

It took more than this, however. She began to gain more and more opportunities. Not only was she changing… she was benefiting from it. I wasn’t having it, and that came to be known as the first and last time that i ever plot and execute revenge.

Well, you still haven’t heard it all. I don’t care what she did to me or anyone else. She did NOT deserve the self justified punishment that I had so foolishly imposed upon her. It was wrong of me to do that, and it hurts me more than anything.

I have come to forgive myself of it, but I think about it every single day. The worst part of it all is this: a day or so after, I said that I would disregard it. I just couldn’t do it, no matter how deserved. I made a stupid decision, and I will not make the same one again.

My point is simple… no matter how you are, you should never take the punishment of others into your own hands. When I was younger, i often saw myself as the judge: I liked to dole out hell to the objects of “injustice.” The aforementioned event put an end to that tendency, and I learned a very, very painful lesson: treat others kindly, whether they are or not.

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  1. Yes, indeed👍🏻

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  2. We all make mistakes,it’s the people who do not learn from them that I feel sorry for. You do not appear to fall into that category. Just think of life as a marathon and not a sprint.

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  3. I agree—we shouldn’t judge others.

    For me, it’s philosophical. We simply do not have the objective standpoint by which to judge others; nor do we possess the standard of values of the universe.

    I believe in doing what you must do to protect yourself and loved ones, but I also believe that revenge is the least logical human propensity.


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