Welcome To Globe&Life, Barry!

Over the past couple of days, Barry and I had to make a decision that would alter our blogging endeavors. We both decided that we would discontinue using our second culinary blog. As for this change and it’s consequences, they will be permanent and for that I’m sorry.

As for the good news: Due to the fact that Barry Lost our on a blog that was predominantly his, I have now incorporated special segments on his behalf. Since OUR blog is a lifestyle blog, we will both be able to post our material together. You will see lifestyle content and culinary content, as he now has his own slots. That is all for now, and later today I will be featuring the fifth part of Barry’s interview. Thank you 🙏.


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  1. Wonderful! You two would do great!

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    1. Thank you so much! How did the article help you?

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      1. You talking about the one you sent me. Is going to be on on Wed. And if you talking about the one I left comment taught me that as a life style blogger we can share anything with our readers. BTW. I still have to Oder your book will do it soon. My little one is sick so not doing much on my blog either.

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      2. Yes, and I hope you enjoy it! I hope that your little one gets better soon!

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