Be Grateful! It is good for you!

Have you ever been at a point when you would ruminate and complain about nearly everything? Do you ever feel like life is not going as planned, or that you are going to eventually lose control? If you do, consider thinking about all of the things that you already have. In this article, I am going to explain my story regarding gratefulness, and how it has benefited me in my own life.

When I was around 17, I began to ruminate and rant as though there was no tomorrow. I would beg and yearn for all of the things that I did not have in that time. “Why am I still single… why don’t I have any close friends?” I would often mutter to myself. Well, that was when I learned from my family that I needed to be grateful for the things that I did have, and not for the things that I was missing out on. My perspective began to change over time, and I began to realize how much I truly had, and that there were many others who were losing out on so much more than I. With that, I was truly grateful.

From that point on, I had made an ultimatum with myself, in which I agreed to acknowledge one thing that I was grateful for each day. “I am grateful for life” and “I am grateful for the food on my table” became very common place. As I began to appreciate the things that I had, I came to realize that more great things were coming into my life. I started a new job, graduated from high school, got to see a parent for the first time in a long time, and began to thank others for their involvement in my life.

All in all, the universe will give you what you ask it for. Always. You just have to be ready to receive it. Your gratefulness comprises that readiness! So be grateful!

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  1. This is wisdom needed at every age! Blessings!!

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  2. Amen! (Have you read my last two posts – “Thank God for Maggots” and “He Owes Me What?”)

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  3. Devinder Maan says:

    Could not agree more. Great thought.

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  4. Rabindranath Pradhan says:

    A good read.


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